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Thread: Screen F*ckz Up

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    Screen F*ckz Up

    sumtimes wen im bout to join a room, ma css closes down and gives me 3 error messages, and ma screen seems to maximize(happenz wen usin hackz)


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    I've noticed this too, simply re-open CSS or restart your computer.

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    ye, i alwayz do that lol, i thought it sumthing u can do to resolve it

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    You can say fuck :)

    I think it has to do with resolution

    How big is your screen and how big is your res

    And whats you graphics card
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    Screen rez may be the problem, or GFX issues, like Toxicity had said.

    However, if COULD have a virus thats just a maybe there though.

    btw, you're spelling is horrid.
    yalung is watching

    -the goat

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    Don't go windows mode then Fullscreen maybe you're doing that?

    FYI Swearing is aloud but its to be used Minimal.

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    I have it to sometimes.
    Just restart CSS and then it would help.
    Is it always with the same map?
    Like.. I always have it with surf_year3000.. :3

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