My first rage ^^

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    My first rage ^^

    Well, i did my first rage today :D
    I know its not good, but i didnt get higher cos of map change :b

    ImageShack - Hosting :: ragedpy4.png
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    good job.

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    Not rly, but thx ^^

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    Nice Not bad ^^ keep it up :)
    U n 1 V E r sA L

  6. #6 sure u would of got a ton of kills if map didnt change...

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    nice work

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    Nice kejnajn, and nice mic spam :D

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    Took this screenie right before i got banned :D

    The reason i died was two people on the opposite team using P7 2.6, they ganged me ^^ ( and i suck @hacking ^^)

    EDIT : Damn, i forgot to voicespam while taking screenie.. :/
    Last edited by kejnajn; 23rd February 2008 at 22:44. Reason: I FAIL

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