P7 RAPED this shit

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    P7 RAPED this shit

    P7 raped this server.
    Me, Zypher and Blazed were all using P7 ^^
    I think Blazed left right before this screenie

    Before we got there, there was like 25 people there ^^
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    nice try.

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    Yea, i know its not good ^^
    That server is just filled up with cheaters

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    Not bad, I like that radar, would you like to share with me that GUI?

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    Yeh me want the gui :D

    Good Job btw

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    good job ;)

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    I cant remember where i got that GUI, but ill try to find it ;)

    EDIT :
    I think its this one ;)
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    Nice Score^^ xD
    U n 1 V E r sA L

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