64 bit support be great

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    64 bit support be great

    or maybe a workaround? but yea... i had to upgrade to 64 bit for memory (32bit only support 3.2g on my old board)

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    the hack works with 64 bit you just have to change the loader, message 1nd1c4 and he will explain how and what loader to use.

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    divxfsrv.. if u hit me up on xfire: 1nd1c4 or hit me up on aim: itissn0w i can show u how to get the hack to work on 64bit systems like what i use.. so hit me up and ull be hackin in no time bro.

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    what the hack is doing for what games?

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    Counter-Strike: Source
    Counter-Strike: Pro Mod
    Day of Defeat: Source
    Godlen Eye: Source
    Half-Life 2: Deathmatch
    Source Forts: 1.9.3
    Insurgency Mod
    Team Fortress 2 - Currently working ESP, still working to get full functional hack.
    Hidden: Source

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    pretty nice!! it is realy vac2 secured?`?

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    And tell me quick

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    Quote Originally Posted by RealTaste View Post
    pretty nice!! it is realy vac2 secured?`?
    yes, and it always will be.

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    There is now a sticky in the Subscriber forum for the loader

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