Rofl, SouL getting owned.

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    Rofl, SouL getting owned.

    Alright, these are some screenshots of the leet SouL hacker. Him with his leet hex edited X-B0t v17 and his Epic Private, fail. All screenshots were made by me and the nubself, SouL of course. I is the 12 Yr Old Kewww | Happy :)

    <3 T0ny
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    wow did you actually pwn him the whole time or did you just screenshot the few times you got him? how about the stats?

    N1 anyway

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    We just went in there for about 20 Minutes to own SouL. He obviously loaded up what we call "Lag Commands" and several other hacks. He soon got raged and he left finally and hopefully forever in the last screenshots, just to let everyone know why I didn't post any picture of stats.

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    u are the leetest hacker, the only person better than u is punis3r herself

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    no soul was failing i need to find ss of his negative scrore......

    heres 1 of were i killed him yet again and he leaves..p7 is back to owning hackservers once again..but i fucking hate facing another p7 user can hit there aa very well need to adjust :p i r zomg : D
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    nice nice nice

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    LoL nice, and ye who's soul lol

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    rofl is happy part of the 12 yr old kewww roflmao

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    I remember this...... i think i see my name.

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