Im VIP till ->

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Thread: Im VIP till ->

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    Im VIP till ->

    This is the year my VIP expires. ^^

    Fucking paint.. 2028-80 lol

    It started as a rage, then another guy with P7 VIP comes in.. Got like 1000-40, but then i just started bot raping..
    Had to post pic, just for the luls ^^

    Dont flame for raping bots xD

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    that very sweat n1^^ (but only vs 1 player the rest are bots ;) )

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    I know theyre bots, but there were more "real" players lols. They just left..
    Who was the P7 VIP named Mau?

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    Nice dude xD Keep it up :D
    U n 1 V E r sA L

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    It was just for the luls xD
    When i passed 1337 i had to wait until year 2028 xD

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    whaha good job 2028 :D

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    Its actually a fucking sucky job, all i did was rape a few people , and the own some bots.. xD

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    Not bad, too bad your VIP Expires this year D:

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    Ya, i only have 20 years :/

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    sigh @ bots

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