Bored come here.

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    Bored come here.

    If you are bored spam this forum or overload it or do anything you want to it. 2nd Raider Battalion

    They are a clan that whoever isnt one of their members they will mess with there posts or even banning you for calling there "100" tick servers ,which are really 33 tick, shitty 33 ticks. If this is against the rules you may delete it otherwise.

    Spam them hard.

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    remind me later and ill hax on their servers too :D

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    I'd of put in the Off topic. (Move plz super mods?)
    yalung is watching

    -the goat

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    kitty kitty meow?

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    Boom Shakalaka...hehe...

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    will do

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    is this the spam section...

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