ExTinCtion Rage #2 [p7 Vip]

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    ExTinCtion Rage #2 [p7 Vip]

    I just love that server soo much :P

    p7 vip does a pretty good job.

    (hope you dont see my threads as spam lol)

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    1201 and still 100 hp? AWESOME! But there wasnt any spawn protection, was there?

    btw, i think nobody will see such rages as spam lol :D
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    oh em gee....

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    oh my god fucking nice

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    lol, n1. How long were u on that server for?

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    Oh My Fucking God!!!!!!! you pr0 or what xD Nice Job m8
    U n 1 V E r sA L

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    actually there was a hacker on too but since he used m-s-x he totally failed lol

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    thats very bad :( ! jocke SUPER NICE DUDE ^^

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    yeye its worth buying it ...

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