New HvH ownage vid

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    New HvH ownage vid

    Here is my new HvH ownage vid,
    I hope you like it:

    EDIT: Better qualtity added
    Code_Err0r HvH Clan_H0ok [8l4ck41m] -

    [ame=""]YouTube - Counterstrike Source | Code_Err0r Clan_H0ok HvH Ownage[/ame]
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    Hope i like it??????? How the hell do u do it xD nice vid m8
    U n 1 V E r sA L

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    Nice vid.

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    looks nice

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    great vid man!

    and nice slowmo effects :D
    With regards,



    If all thoughts came from God, then God is one hell of a pervert!

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    Nice vid, but who's hvh ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by fknpoewnd View Post
    Nice vid, but who's hvh ?
    xD rofl dude HvH = Hack vs Hack

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    Quote Originally Posted by god of war View Post
    xD rofl dude HvH = Hack vs Hack
    whahaha tell me that damn lol :D

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    Wow, best video iv'e seen in a while.

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