How long until p7 2.7?

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    How long until p7 2.7?

    any ideas boys?

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    Be patient, my guess is within a week or two.

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    it will come out when it's out. Stick with whats out now.

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    purchase vip, then u dont have to w8 :D
    With regards,



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    When Fum1n is done with it....
    U n 1 V E r sA L

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    Hehe i would love to get vip only thing is i dont have paypal (nor a creditcard w00t) -_-'

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    around 2 weeks

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    1 week ?? just wait, if you dont want to wait buy vip!!

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    btw it's not gettin faster with opening threads like this. fum1n is a hard-working man so don't annoy him.

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