WTF is wrong which this kidis

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    WTF is wrong which this kidis

    I came onlyine this morning and see this:

    I mean what the hell is wrong with this wanna be gangsters!

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    i'm sure they are from Gs or grimm
    U n 1 V E r sA L

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    Gs, just shows how nub they are.

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    lolz x) he is still fat.
    U n 1 V E r sA L

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    Gs are the fags that bash p7, and fail at it btw and spam everything, but I don't think you were registered at the time that it happened

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    it was the gs faggs en some grim fagg.

    ip changer ftl

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    ye wannabe gangsters omg

    ban them all :D
    With regards,



    If all thoughts came from God, then God is one hell of a pervert!

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    lol THIS IS BAN!!

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    it was from grim ...
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