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Thread: Cheating Name?

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    Cheating Name?

    What s you name when you pwning noob???

    just post it here...

    mine is "LSS!"

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    Popsicle, can be explained only by who i am, random
    DoomBear was made up by a name generator

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    I don't cheat often, but when i do i do it at hack servers.

  4. #4 | FknPoewnD..!

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    on hackservers: ?∞ rev0
    on VAC: rev000 #headsTyle or Ep1c crew | rev0

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    it's fun to stay at the Y M C A
    (while i'm playing YMCA with HLSS)

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    Omg HaxXxOrZezez EGGS PWN
    eggs was the alzip pgrm that i used to get your hack out of its file :D

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    Elite Proofens, HaxXxed, Pwn-H O_o P-7 and sometimes my real game name :P (Vex)

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    I also use "NameToShortNowItsToLooooooooooooong"


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