More funny founds....

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    More funny founds....

    [ame=""]YouTube - Kid starts fight with teacher and get ass kicked[/ame]

    New one... lol OWNED!!! xD How fake is that lol....



    [ame=""]YouTube - Teacher gets punched...HARD[/ame]

    Ehhmmm guys tell if u think i spamm w/ these links cuz then ill stop just tell me k?
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    uhm gonna watch it tomorrow, but put this vids in 1 topic and on the off-topic section not here


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    Such California Computers. MAC, the best computer for schools in California my old elementary school use to say, fail.

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    the first one was stupid and the second made me rofl.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Toxicity View Post
    the first one was stupid and the second made me rofl.
    ye me2 :D
    With regards,



    If all thoughts came from God, then God is one hell of a pervert!

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    Whahaha the second was totally OWNED

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    PWNED lol

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    ROFL so badx
    U n 1 V E r sA L

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