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    New Banner

    A little birdy (hellb0y) said you guys wanted a banner, so I made one (IT'S STILL UNDER CONSTRUCTION SO DON'T BASH ME TO HARD)

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    Nice work, maybe a little more fancy stuff but it's nice :D

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    2 Big man, Smaller
    Use Brush's
    Better Text lol

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    Imma add more white to it and put a border on it i think

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hellb0y View Post
    2 Big man, Smaller
    Use Brush's
    Better Text lol
    Way to bash me on everything i do hellb0y, way to turn the knife nagger

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    Looks a little too plain but good :)

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    dude im not gonna bash but are you using MS paint? get better quality and some better text! :P

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    Photoshop cs2 ty :), and I'm learning so fuck off :P

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    Haha, if your gonna take criticism that bad just learn and then post, you do need some better text and a background. The BG is just to plain, it needs to blend.

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