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    selling P7 account

    Im not sure if im allowed to do this ?

    but i have no need for the P7-VIP Lifetime subscription as i have moved over to wc3 TFT.

    so i would like to sell this account, as it would just be lying around doing nothing :/

    $60 will be fine. its a lifetime account and i will send you the details for the account and you can change eveything on it / email/password and what not.

    NOTE : you will need to pay an initial $10 to the admisn here to get an hardware ID which you can use on all hacks at p7vip
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    Wont work like that, they still need your Hardware ID, and if you want to change it, it'll cost you $10

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    well i have a new pc anyway, so i have no hardware ID, ill tell you what i will lower the price and they can pay for the hardware ID aswell

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    WC3 sucks cock.

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    MMO's are for EMO's

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    ill buy the lifetime from u if its aloud cuz i only have $70 and this is the perfect way for me to get free vip add me on xfire at killingod

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    Quote Originally Posted by tscobie View Post
    MMO's are for EMO's
    wc3 isnt a mmo.
    ur emo.
    ep!c fa!l Guy

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    I dont think its allowed or should be allowed.

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