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    Well in my experience with this hack I have to say it is the best hack. Fum1n also gets updates every 2-3 days and is great at quick fixing stuff (EA Shitty shit) Its also very cheap compared to other sites. You can rape hacking servers with different configs that come with the hack or play legit with 1337 triggerb0t or rage the hell out of a death match server, If you are thinking of buying a hack I would recommend buying this because of the...

    • Prices
    • Updates every 2-3 days
    • Rapes in Hack servers
    • Quick fixes

    So go buy it now... - disassembling your proofens

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    if i could i would buy it...
    U n 1 V E r sA L

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    Ya if you could only wow you got alot of posts

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    I heard it was gooood

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    its not "good", it?s the best.

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    im thinking of getting 1 but i duno what EA and RH say this Vip hack has a slow aimbot i think u guys might wana make aimbot faster if u make it aboit faster then it will be the best at the moment as it stans RH and EA are laffing at urs just thought i would let u know but P7 Vip looks awsome im thinking of buying RH and EA and P7 Vip hacks and testing them properly my self get a lifetime i am :D good luck with hack making guys use are doing a really awsome job of it :)

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    p7 has a very fast aimbot already ea sucks against p7 and im sure royal does to p7 would be the way to go

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