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    Can i get some fotage of the hack in Hidden please, this will more than likly be what decide's my mind.

    Just wanna see what it can do ect.. A video and some screenshots would be nice, thanks <3.

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    haha you make me laught -.- just watch @ the page there are a looooooooooooot of videos and screeenshots ^^

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    I looked through there, i dont see Hidden Source... Thats why i asked...

    Also, how does the download of the hack work? i.e; is it done via a website?, Via a Admin/mod ect.

    Thanks for the help.

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    currently not compatible with hidden source since some upgrades to the core of the framework where done, compatibility will be re-added soon

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    Ok, if that is the case then can it be taken off of the *Compatable games list"

    Guess il just wait for it to be compatable with HIdden again xD.

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    yeah keep waiting or get css ;)

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