My Frist Ownage picture!!

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    My Frist Ownage picture!!

    i used Ato pub v1 on hack server and its own!! :o

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    and where?s the pic? :o

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    ahahahahah fail

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    there ;D

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    next time vs real players and no bots (little tip ;) )

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    yeah there all bots..of course you got a good score

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    why u die 99 times if u hacking against bots???
    With regards,



    If all thoughts came from God, then God is one hell of a pervert!

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    luls gettin' ownd by bots.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rev0lution View Post
    luls gettin' ownd by bots.
    i bet u get raged by bots sometimes xD
    U n 1 V E r sA L

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