Trouble with 2.8 need help

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    Trouble with 2.8 need help

    Obviously when you run the public hack you have to wait for the p7 website to load while in the css lobby, but once in awhile this site never loads and causes my computer to crash. This then leaves my comp with no screen when I restart, and i end up having to reconnect the graphic card. How can I fix this problem, is there a fix?

    Btw the p7 hack pwns. Went 78 4 on indi's serv

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    its problem with your gfx card or drivers

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    nvm, delete, fum1n use x0r strings cus he so l33bbbbbbbb
    I have retired from Project-7

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    Thx fum1n, any driver options that I could possibly change to fix it?
    Using geforce

    Also Im running in SLI mode should I turn that feature off or would that be irrelevant?
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