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    ***Read This PedoPope***

    How to Tie a Noose

    Wouldn't you like to have the perfect Way to comit suicide? Try a noose! Here's how to tie one...


    1. Lay the rope in a big "U".
    2. Bring one end of the loop down parallel to the original rope, forming a wide, sideways, "S". The lead (left side of diagram) should be left long, so that it might be tied to something when the noose is completed.
    3. Hold the bottom of the original "u" and wrap the end of the rope (right side of the diagram) around the loop several times, from the bottom near your hand, up.
    4. Poke the end of the rope through the top of the loop left by the "S".
    5. Pull the right hand side of the 'u' through the coil that you have just created, until it securely holds the end of the rope.
    6. Hang it from a tree in your yard be sure to cimb the tree put it around yout neck tighten it, then jump

    Happy Suiciding Rompope

    Best Wishes

    Project-7 Community

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    ty i might use this.

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    I <3 u

    edit: Plz make a video before you kill yourself. Saying how p7 and the man on enet known alias genoc1de made you do this, and we should be brought down on charges.
    I have retired from Project-7

    Please contact Josh for all queries and messages regarding P7

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    thx i will use this every day

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    very useful, I hope it's tight enough.

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    I hope this helps, other forums write fake suicide tips.

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    omg nice tut i wanna learn how to make that a long time :D time to hand tha cat
    U n 1 V E r sA L

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    Thx, ill go test out now ! :)

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    rifk nice

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    Poor rompope....... lol

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