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Thread: Truth

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    Ok this has been kept pretty secret but i decided that EVEN IN FEAR OF GETTING "Rompoped" i share this information with world because people need to know truth:

    You think that the famous PA7R!CK is behind the whole cheating scene in CSS? You think his leeb? NOES. Aknglock and Punish3r started it. The HL2 source code was just leaked on interweb by myg0t|g0d who has died at overdoze of heroin these days, when Aknglock and Punish3r hit their wise heads together and started to code hax. Afterall they had this little noob friend pat0 (PA7R!CK) who didnt have any coding skills instead of cout "Hello World" ... He knew this pretty 1337 guy called "RomPope/h3xp0p3" ... So pat0 asked for rompopes help on hacking Aknglocks and P3:s FTP-server. Finally after spending many sleepless nights h3xp0p3 managed to crack Akn's and P3:s security and they stole ALL SOURCE CODES (including HLH 0.XXXX etc.) ... so why Akn and P3 didnt tell this to other people? Well:

    H3xP0p3 managed to steal also pictures which prove that Akn/P3 are livin in homosexual relationship with eachother. There were their "bedtime" pics and pics of their wedding. PA7R!CK and H3XP0P3 are threatening to share the pics with world if Akn/P3 ever tell that PA7R!CKS not really so 1337.

    THE END.

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    blah.. Aknglock is a fag and Punish3r is c+p

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    Quote Originally Posted by Notinfrance View Post
    blah.. Aknglock is a fag and Punish3r is c+p
    And you hex and touch little girls.

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    happy end :D

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    Well honestly she is not that little, but the fact is he invades a girls pc, which if by accident, sure. Although when you do it knowingly, you're just a faggot to be honest.
    I have retired from Project-7

    Please contact Josh for all queries and messages regarding P7

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    I never did that you stupid fuck.. never sent her a trojan you fucking idiot get that threw your empty skull

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    wow, im impressed. Another level of faggots have raised

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    rifk hardcore qft

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