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Thread: xfire bullshit

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    xfire bullshit

    why does my xfire always fucking make my css illegal op or have an error in which css crashes but yet the xfire still remains runnin fine, but the error originates from xfire into css iono, all i do kno is that a lot of times when i play css with xfire runnin i get those gay illegal opps on css.. wtf is this all about? ne1 kno

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    Well, X-Fire does NOT cause the problem, its just another Dr. Watson form of debugger that takes replace to report errors, hence why you dont get the dr. watson thing.

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    I have same problem also but it only happens when i have hax on. Xfire and HL2.exe illegal operation. Its fucking annoying.

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    Ye, it pisses me off loads. gay things

    i see why my mate dont use X-Fire

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    yeh so no 1 knows how to fix this shit?

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    no fix atm.

    or try to delete system32.. that worked for me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TEMPLERJUSTICE View Post
    lolz why so nub post? :D
    U n 1 V E r sA L

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    Quote Originally Posted by syther334 View Post
    i got VACed for user Xfire (GAY)
    haha you're the funniest at home ?

    Quote Originally Posted by theluckyman View Post
    lolz why so nub post? :D
    cuz he's a noob who wants the 10 posts.

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