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    telling on myself

    nigga just got a 1996 buick skylark, 60dollars cash, new sony xplod cd player, new kodiak digital camera, AND 3 CREDIT CARDS... can we say cafe ftw plz heheh who says u cant get shit done at 430 in the morning hahahhahahahahah rifkens nigga got owned cuz ima go sell his car for 250 at the crusher too hahahahahahgg

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    Calling cops atm.

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    wtf rifk

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    PROOFENS pl0x

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    yeh boiii got me them proofens for awhile now.. and ducky, well iono bout u, but i dont play when it comes to hearing the word cops.. so jus watch that shit man

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    rich nigger.

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    yeh if i was a rich nigger i wouldnt be out stealing cars ftw u fucking faggots

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