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    CS:S Unlimited

    So I just paid for unlimited CS:S thats lifetime right? Also how long does it take to get access to the vip area. And does P7 have any sort of tripwire system set up that will prevent us from using the hacks when an update is made covertly?

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    Yes it is lifetime. After paying it should only take within an hour or two for you to get access. For the "tripwire system" there isn't anything like that. You just need to currently check the VIP hack release thread and check to see if a different version is out.

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    Do they have any plans for a tripwire system? I have seen other programs that use tripwire systems and I like them alot.

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    Possibly in the future. Post it in the suggestion thread and it might happen even sooner. :)

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    I think I will do that :D Thanks for the fast response!

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    I just thought of another question, Sry for all of them btw, will I get a confirmation email or something when I gain access?

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    It's a surprise when you get on P7. :)

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