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    Great Hack

    purchased p7 VIP hack for css just a week ago and it straight up owns.
    everything from the legit configs to the rage and hackserver configs for its aimbot its pure ownage. the legit hack is pretty much un noticable in reg servers and u could own it up without anyone expecting anything. and in hacking servers its pure ownage too with ur own set up for aimbot or even the preset configs set up makes u unstoppable.
    little bit of messing round in a hack dm server for a while got me descent score.

    i would recommend this to everyone who hasnt purchased it yet, its worth it all!

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    Nice post and a nice pic ofc!

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    yeah the hack is 1337 anyway 29 fps lol , nice score

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    Nice score
    WoW 29 fps i get from 6-30 some times :D
    U n 1 V E r sA L

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    i get over 150 fps normally

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    yea i dont get high fps at all. hghest i ever gotten was around 59 lol its usualy at 30-20

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    For all you lazy niggers who don't want to click anything like geno.

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