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    Project-7 Vip v5.3

    This is my first video i made it with song vegas 8 and recorded it with fraps. This is my first time making a video and using Sony vegas =) enjoy

    >> Video Editor: Sony Vegas pro v8
    >> Artist & Song:The Calling by All That Remains
    >> Also could someone add a poll it wont let me =/
    >> Hack: Project-7 Vip v5.3

    [ame=""]YouTube - Project-7 Vip v5.3[/ame]
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    Not bad, not bad but maybe you should of posted this on Raging section? AND LOVE THE MUSIC <3 All that remains - This Calling

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    Nice Vid m8 :D :D
    U n 1 V E r sA L

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    Brilliant video and a fucking good song! I loved it.

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    Nice vid, nice song!

    everything was great 8/10

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    I love that song!

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    ===== matell nice i think hack ownag the world ======

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