P7 Is Gud Hek Yes?

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    P7 Is Gud Hek Yes?

    P7vsP7 - I Win D:

    Raged up Assault ^_^

    5v5 War using my Legit Cfg. Hilarious how i wasn't accused :P

    P7 For President!
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    wow thats really good man for legit
    suprised that people didn't relise the [P7] thing i had it in mine and got acused before i even killed :L
    wd though :)

    did you make the config yourself or did you use tony's?

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    The legit config? no it's my one. Thanks for the comment btw :)

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    Nice screenshots bro, keep it up

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    P7 is the best. =)

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    lol was in our game, people were fucking raging. pwned some other noob hacker, refered me to here. GJ harm

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    what account do you use, ever get banned? lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by stubsy View Post
    what account do you use, ever get banned? lol
    He's a VIP. The VIP hack will never get you banned. Anyway nice screenshots of hacking.

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