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    hey im thinking about buying this Vip for ?100 for this site for access to this Vip section on this site and the house of hacks or maybe just ?34 i dont know just yet but i have quite a few Vip hacks but i havnt come accross any that good i have got the RH Vip hack its not good hack v hack and i download the EA Vip hack and the aimbot isnt that good onit reason it pwns because no1 can aim at it with its ESP bug init and i had the settings the owner of EA hacks gave me and it sucks i have lifetime on them forums 2 but can u guerentee and i have seen a guy called n1ck pwn with this hack he pwned the EA hack so i gether u have fixed the ESP bug so u can aim at him so what i will do since i have most Vip hacks so far ile buy as many Vip hacks just so i can see wich 1 is better and hopefully this 1 will be better so ile be buying this Vip hack soon when i next get paid but can the owner of the guy who made this hack add me on Xfire please msn and steam my Xfire: paulbains and if u add me on Xfire ile give u my msn and steam name on Xfire cheers guys and nice hack. o 1 more thing if u add on #Xfire ile send u loads of css hacks wich u might not have on ur website i have loads of them peace out guys

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    I guarantee Project-7 will be the best hack you've ever used.

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    yeah it pwns every1 even with low fps =D
    U n 1 V E r sA L

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    read this topic for more information : P7 CS:S Private v5 - Project-7.Net - Become Supreme
    check this page for our newest videos ( p7 vip in action ) Project-7.net VIP Videos - Project-7.Net - Become Supreme

    I hope you'll like it!!

    and what xeno said:
    I guarantee Project-7 will be the best hack you've ever used.!!!!

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    Yeah teh VIP is awesone

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