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    The one and only...

    This was taken a while ago when he was a 1337 hex editor and taught us many things. [ame=""]YouTube - Hexpope is Raged[/ame]
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    jaja, my video.

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    a classic

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    Notice his title and notice the name of the channel, rifk.

    The full name was:

    Hex School @ Hex Hwy (Welcome our teacher, Hexpope!)

    It was something like that, but yeah a full classiccccccccc

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    wow this shit is old. im suprised its still around. long live the hex... MASTA
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    Hahahaha :D ... This was qualitypost.

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    LOL he is a fail =)
    U n 1 V E r sA L

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    He gets raged so easily...

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