Design Your Very Own PedoPope!

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    Design Your Very Own PedoPope!

    Okay, we're going to have a competition to whoever can design the best pedopope image, The images must consist of a pedobear mixed in with Rompope's face.

    Examples coming soon.

    More info coming soon.

    The competition will be judged by Project-7's very own pedophile, genoc1de!

    The winner receives VIP for free, and a free CS:S account from genoc1de.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DuckY View Post
    ahaha fucking epic.

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    My entry:

    I just made a Pedobear render to help you so if you want use it -->
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    LOL'D at the Yu-gi-oh pic! Fucking epic Keron! Fucking epic!!!

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    he'd ass rape yu-gi

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    Nice one Keron.

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    You destroyed my Child Hood.

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    all yuor pics r belong 2 me
    I have retired from Project-7

    Please contact Josh for all queries and messages regarding P7

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    Quote Originally Posted by genoc1de View Post
    all yuor pics r belong 2 me
    No wai.

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