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    general chat/bullshit

    so im kinda new and a lil pissed cause i can't seem to find a damn download of any kind on this fuckin website. maybe im havin a bad day but the fuckin download for v3 of project-7 should b the damn frontpage on this website since its one of the newest hacks.

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    and i think you have to have 10 posts aswell

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    Quote Originally Posted by psp4ever View Post
    and i think you have to have 10 posts aswell

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    well he only has 9 now and hell be like ZOMG cant download it

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    I would think that the section "Hacks" would be a clue...

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    You would think the posting here would stop :C
    I have retired from Project-7

    Please contact Josh for all queries and messages regarding P7

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    Hi all

    I have done some reading/searching on your forums and it seem that you guys have a good community here thanks for letting me be a small part of it.As you can tell I am new here I hope in some way or another I can contribute, I am not a programmer/coder but I still hope to be able to help out when I can.

    Again thanks to all,and I hope this is not in the wrong section.

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