Tapan kaikki 4.06 bloodshed

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    Tapan kaikki 4.06 bloodshed

    Hi everybody i found a little game it looks bit like cs 2d..this game is also fully 2d and recorded from up like gta 1-2

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    enjoy all I hope u like it!

    if u think the releashe is stupid pls dont judge me about it

    comment if u like

    :ps game is not made by me
    sry about my bad english :D

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    haha your finnish also. I remember TK-series. I've played these games a lot few years ago :-D

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    try Retro-CS, too.

    its based on the CS beta 5.7 ^^
    With regards,



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    Not really something that I like. But thanks anyways ;)

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