HvH = sex <3

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Thread: HvH = sex <3

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    HvH = sex <3


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    sexy fps n very nice score :P

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    NIce m8 wish i had that fps :/
    U n 1 V E r sA L

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    Mother fucker :L
    You were owning me so baddd :P well played.
    So you where the EA pub dude? haha

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    I normally have low fps, just a lucky screen i guess.. x]
    haha u fell for it? My cousin started it actually..

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    Ooh right haha, yeah for abit i did lol.

    My info thing at the bottom has disappeared for me lol.

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    Nice score and stats.
    Cheat server i guess

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    Nice score in a hacking server

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    Nice Score, keep it up

    thats my favo warmap :p always 100 fps :D

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    why is your name photoshoped out

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