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    P7 > TGS

    Anyone ever considering going to another private hack site such as TGS, don't do it. P7 is more reliable by 1000000000000%. Your subscription from TGS can run out before your hacks even start working. P7's work immediately.


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    P7 is the best. But umm what's TGS?

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    Yeah, i haven't herd of TGS lol

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    me neither

    http://thisg amesux.net/ipb/index.php

    idk all i could really find warrock hack lol
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    TGS = ***********.net

    It's pretty much the place where myg0t released/releases private hacks. s0beit is the founder of TGS, same with ma5rad.

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    i dont think they sell css hacks anymre, oly war rock hacks LOL

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    They have css hacks... But they, for some reason, have literally ONLY warrock hacks, even though the game sucks.

    I meant... TGS = this game sux

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    o lol warrock fails tbh

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    Quote Originally Posted by dreamath View Post

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