This is 1337. Seriously, come see.

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    This is 1337. Seriously, come see.

    Yeah. I love these VIP hacks. The deaths are so many cause I was talking to friend in steam, taking screenshots, recording, or lagging or switching guns. It was a WCS DM. I hate WCS though.

    I have several videos of it, but I will turn those into a full video. I'll post it on youtube and on here later.

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    Wow good job sir!

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    Nice^^^^^^ Wanna give me the Ip???? :)
    U n 1 V E r sA L

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    maybe ;o ill find it later

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    1337 score ;D

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hardcore View Post
    1337 score ;D
    Indeed ^^

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    You are officially, 1337. :D

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    nice job i like the knife XD

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    nice man

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    Nice, Server IP?

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