Help Admins!!!Please About VIP

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    Help Admins!!!Please About VIP

    About 5 day's ago i bought a Counter-Strike Source VIP For 1 month for ?10 because i live in UK and i wanted better hacks for Counter-Strike Source.
    And when i bought it its been 5 day's now that i didn't get the VIP but i payed for it by PayPal
    And i dont have the VIP access can someone help or give me the VIP because i dont want to lose it because i payed for 1 month and soon its gonna be over.
    admins please give my VIP hacks Access because i am waiting for my VIP access long time.
    Please give me it before my ?10 are gonna be gone in 1 month
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    If you don't have it you should PM one of the admins. Either Fum1n or Hellb0y.

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    what do you mean PM 1 of the admins

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    PM = Private Message. Down at the bottom of the site were it lists members that have been on recently click on either "Fum1n" or "Hellb0ys" profile and click send this user a private message. Then tell them about your problem.

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    Send a private message to an Admin, they are pM_Fum1n and Hellb0y

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sparta View Post
    Send a private message to an Admin, they are pM_Fum1n and Hellb0y
    You forgot the + in Fum1ns name :)

    Anyways, you should PM one of em with your transaction ID :)

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