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    The Font - Mini 7

    One font that tends to be really popular with web designers, and graphics artists in general is a font called Mini 7. I use it frequently, and so do many notable design companies. I found it to be a very hard font to get my hands on, which is why I've decided to post it here for everyone to use who may want it (and because I tend to loose it a lot lol). The proper settings for the three different versions of the font are a px size no bigger or smaller than 10, with no AA. You can see examples of the font in the below images.

    All of those use the font, in either Tight or Regular Bold.

    Remember, it only looks right with these settings (in PS)
    Size: 10 pt (or px)
    Anti-Aliasing: None

    Mini 7 Tight has no bold setting, but the regular Mini 7 does. All three variations look nice, but all three must use the same size and AA settings, or it will pixalate and look like utter crap. And one last note, if you don't know how to install these, don't bother downloading them lol
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    yeah this is a great font

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    wow thx dax i like

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    It's okay, could have been rendered and fine lined a bit more and maybe a bit of Bevel :P

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