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Thread: P7 PWNAGE

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    IN 1337 H3y 7H15 15 M4|}06222 1 pwn 3v3|2y0n3 w1|} 7H315 H4CK L0L 17 50 fUn 70 H3|23 7H3M w1n3 L1K3 848y5

    IN ENGLISH hey this is madog222 i pwn everyone wid theis hack lol it so fun to here them wine like babys

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    hey this iz madog222 meh pwn everyone wid theis hack lol da thang so fun ta in da hizzle them wine like babys

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    I personally have no idea why people think its cool to type like that, but its your decision.

    I agree with your point though.

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