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    Jumphack =?

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    bunny hop i think

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    I think it looks nice..:p:p

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    thank you shikamaru

    and jump hack is no bunnyhop but: when you jump the other players see you jump normaly and you can normaly jump on crates and stuff. but when you jump your screen goes down into the ground and you always will have wallhack untill you are back u. (after your jump is over)

    so it's pretty much like a jump wallhack.

    tip for fumin: i did it by gravity m8 :D

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    Ah nice:P Dont heart ever about it:D

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    mh, i dont think it was much to work :D
    you can find the bg-image easy with google, edit it with paint and your work is done ;)
    maybe an abstract bg would be nice ^^

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    thats true but i wanted to show you guys :D

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    I know that pic from the old p-7 right?:D
    There was your hack vip? :p

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    yep thats me P7 Advanced memoryhack

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