Keep Virgin from destroying the internet

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    Keep Virgin from destroying the internet

    STOP Virgin: Keep Virgin from destroying the Internet

    [ame=""]YouTube - Goodbye Virginity or Goodbye Internet[/ame]

    Keep Virgin from destroying the internet...

    The new CEO of Virgin Media, Neil Berkett, has openly stated in an interview that they think net neutrality is “a load of bollocks” and claimed they're already doing deals to deliver some people’s content faster than others. They would then put websites and services that don't pay Virgin in the "slow lane", meaning those sites would load slowly and cause most users to give up using them, feeling forced to use whatever Virgin wants to push through their network.

    This is not the first time an internet provider infringes upon net neutrality, but it is the first time that an ISP so brutally states that they simply plan to limit internet access to a television-like system in which the access provider completely regulates the content you have access to.

    Virgin Media has over 3.5 million customers in the UK and the real danger is that when they start applying this system to their network, all major internet providers around the globe will soon follow the trend. Because this is exactly what major ISP's have been wanting to do for years.

    But we can stop it.

    If the masses of the internet react against this, we will set an example of what happens when one provider tries to take away our freedom. We will make it very clear that any ISP who tries to infringe upon net neutrality will see its popularity go down the drain because the users don't accept it. And we'll see to it that only the providers who care about safeguarding our internet freedom have our support.

    Speak out in any way you can and spread the word.

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    Too bad for the ppl in the UK.
    yalung is watching

    -the goat

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sush1 View Post
    Too bad for the ppl in the UK.
    Do you imagine if it works? Every other big company will follow.

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    well tanya seems to be pretty "full"

    ppl in the uk are going to steal our proofens 0_o

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    Wow foreign as so bangin. Man she lookin good. i just watched first 15 seconds or so
    I have retired from Project-7

    Please contact Josh for all queries and messages regarding P7

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    i am on virgin media :(

    i have a clone modem with a 20 meg config! no download limits and new ip when ever i change the mac (no ip bans ever.haha)

    check > Unlocker Forums - Powered by vBulletin or TCNiSO Embedded Development Assembly Experts.

    best thing of all, cause this ip address is not registered to me i cannot be traced. If anyone trys they will find this ip points clearly to an address.. but i dont live there hehehe, i am anonymous..

    Virgin media = 0wned by English H4x0rz

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    Why do these dudes not sound British at all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by radiohead000 View Post
    Why do these dudes not sound British at all.
    Immigration.. :confused:

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    what a load of trash. I can't believe they've started the net neutrality war.

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