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    PBDownForce and P7 - READ EVERYTHING

    Thanks to fum1n I was able to test how PBDownForce reacts with the HWID tool used for the VIP version of P7. For those that don't know, PBDownForce is a Hardware ID spoofer, and works wonders for getting around Punkbuster hardware bans. I was curious that if using it would change the HWID P7's tool spits out, and I can happily say that it doesn't. I tested the HWID tool before spoofing, and again after spoofing with PBDownForce. The results were the same. I also tested it while PBDownForce was in PBSucks-mode, and again, the same HWID was given by the P7 tool.

    This thread is simply for people like me. I am HW banned by PunkBuster, and usually leave my hardware spoofed, as sometimes the application will lock up your computer. So you should be able to use your VIP hack even while Spoofing.

    A big WARNING however, these were just MY results. Yours may be different, so I recommend you find out if PBDownForce will change the HWID P7's tool spits out. If it does, I would recommend you stop spoofing, generate your HWID, and post that one in the VIP thread for use in the hack, and of course turn the spoofing off whenever you want to use your P7 Priv.

    Quote Originally Posted by dax View Post
    Just don't leave the program running like Geno was, lol.

    =[4th]= KitteN-lx: Shit works just fine
    genoc1de: well it boots me
    =[4th]= KitteN-lx: Your lame, thats why
    =[4th]= KitteN-lx: Don't leave it running
    genoc1de: oh i left it running
    genoc1de: lolz
    =[4th]= KitteN-lx: Yeah fucker, it can read window titles
    To make it a little more clear, this program works for this type of ban (PB Error)

    Both of those are me, in COD4 and BF2 respectively, and I still play. Those were taken when I forgot to use the app.

    A more extensive description of this type of ban, is simply a global ban across any game, present or future, that uses PunkBuster as it's Anti Cheat. It generally results from using multihacks, whereas GUID bans come from simply using cavars that PB considers illegal. When doing such, you'll usually just get kicked, unless you use methods to force the game to use those cvars, then you'll usually receive a GUID ban.

    Simpler explanation::
    GUID Ban=Per game based. Can be fixed with a new CD key for the affected game. Think of VAC Bans, which are dealt with by a new account.
    HWID Ban=Ban across any game using PunkBuster. Only solution to get it lifted is to buy a new computer (the true way, unless you use PBDownForce)

    A last note, I do not believe that this program works for GUID bans. Of course, I have no way of testing this, but I'm pretty sure it doesn't. That is fine however, as GUID bans are minor, and HWID bans aren't. It is my intention for this thread to be a resource for HWID banned users of P7, with both my original intention as mentioned in the first paragraph, and for the users of P7 who just wish for a way to get around their HWID ban. This should never stop working, as mentioned, just be sure to close the program after a successful spoof of your hardware, as PB can read window titles, and this is detected through that method. Otherwise, PB cannot detect this.
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    Thanks for the info Dax. Is the spoofer for PB hard to find?

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    No, it's on MPC, but I'll go ahead and attach it here since it's small.
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    im not banned but ill try it when i do

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    or guys just make a client

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    sehr sch?n

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    wow this thing still work??

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    Quote Originally Posted by abusayaff View Post
    wow this thing still work??
    It should.

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    I've been using it for over a year to play PB games. So yes, it still works, and it will never stop working because of how it does it's thing.

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    someone wanna give me a key for bf2??? hehehe mines already banned

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