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    Based on Keron's idea.

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    Looks pretty good.

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    I would suggest you to remove the white background and save it as a .png file.

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    goddamn shit is nice

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    Make me one please,
    make it say
    ZupahDupah Subscriber :D
    Make it also say P7 like twisteds one.

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    There you go.

    @Keron, I tried that the first time but it didn't work =/. The png would come out as 0 bytes. I also tryed saving as a jpeg and converting to png[converter], and that didn't work.
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    Can you send me the .psd via pm?

    Edit: Worked for me ->
    Last edited by Keron; 22nd April 2008 at 20:45.

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    Well done

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    Updated everyone's userbar [that I have done]. Enjoy.

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