Fum1ns Pictures PART 2

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    Fum1ns Pictures PART 2

    Actually hes coding the new P7 Hack on this.
    How 1337.
    Fum1n = Gangster aaaigght :D

    And he bought with p7 money a nice laptop for his mom.

    He also bought one for his brother, hes showing it to his friends atm.
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    That's newer than the one in the first thread. Fail.

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    Dayum, he used p7 money to upgrade his pc.

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    oh noes now he will get us all xD
    U n 1 V E r sA L

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    lol i edited it with his mom this time.

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    lies, u know he cant afford all that.
    He recently bought the uberleet comp in my thread.

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