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    P7 Spray

    Saw dax's post and thought I should attempt one. Nothing too fancy:

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    pretty nice tbh

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    yeh nb i like man

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    Man this XTC is really high. Suddenly came out of nowhere & insulting everyone :-\.
    Anyways, I am doing Computer science & also working for Google as a designer :-).
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    You are mentally challenged if you think you are making a point.
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    hmm can see why honor gives u a hard time. Your a dickhead
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    Please post screenshot of your PP, where you make 2500 $ + A month, then I will allow you to talk with me. If you do not post screenshot, refrain from contacting me further or trying to flame me, because you are on the level of a maggot right now.

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    nice work

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    wow..., nice work

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    it look great

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    Yea thats pretty cool, but basic.

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    Yea.. I don't really go for complexity when it comes to graphics

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    renegade, do you use vista 32 bit?

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    sweet im usin it :)

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