Stage6 Is Being Rebuild

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    Stage6 Is Being Rebuild - Stage6 Alternative / Clone

    Have a look at it.. as soon as everything is green you may start using it.

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    jaja site doesn't work

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    the site works, but you cant upload till 29 April!

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    I can't read the page, because it doesn't load :rolleyes:

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    Quote Originally Posted by rev0lution View Post
    I can't read the page, because it doesn't load :rolleyes:
    All what i can say is: Germany Connection FTL

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    its good to hear if they will be rebuilding it

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    OMG best news for long time!

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    Never used it in the past, but since it's coming back I'll probably drop the occasional hack video on there. Whee. Thanks for the info.

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    Say hello to our new news reporter lulz

    cant wait to :D

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    Yay now i watch tv shows in hd hopfully XD

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