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    whats with

    this recording playing everytime??? lmfao fuckin hilarious.

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    We just want to make sure everyone hears it, so they know how hard P7 brings the rifk'ing for you guys (:

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    wow im unsubscribing cuz of this annoyin shit -.-

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    well i fucking love it lmfao

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    lmao sorta annoying after 10000000000000000000000 times

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    lol GOOD JAMMIN SONG after surround sound turned up lol i come here and WOAH it was loud rifk

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    You all made my day, definite kudos to each and every one of you. Thanks from many of us in the Awpaholica community and its constituents. The entire clan will be making fun of him and taking appropriate action on him over the next few weeks. Many thanks! :)
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    Quote Originally Posted by silent?death View Post
    wow im unsubscribing cuz of this annoyin shit -.-
    There are ways to stop it, and fum1n should be fixing it so it only plays so much. And I doubt it will be up for very long, so chill out bro. Enjoy the ownage.

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    there should be a way to stop it. its annoying.

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