First rage ever, DTH

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    First rage ever, DTH

    As I wait for my HWID to get added I tried out DTH, and I will say even though I haven't tried hacks in about 5 years (been playing for 7) this hack was pretty fun as far as I can tell, though i don't really have the experience to set the CFG right for max rage :/

    It was very fun to namesteal this guy and watch him flip out when i started asking for gay anal
    I know its nothing super impressive, but things will get better!

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    Nice! I love to see people enjoying my hack ;)
    Good job m8.

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    yea dth was pretty leeb when i tryed it

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    Quote Originally Posted by TwistedFate View Post
    yea dth was pretty leeb when i tryed it

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    Yea Goob Job ( the score is not bad but ye the hack owns )

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