Getting steam accounts? Legit?

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    Getting steam accounts? Legit?

    Hey guys, i dont really know enough about viruses/hacking/steam accounts etc... to know if this is legit or whether he is just trying to give me a virus and get my email, so can someone check it out and tell me if this would actually work.

    I think it would... or am i just being gullable?

    If it is possible and isnt gonna fuck me up, i wanna try and hack my old account back, coz it got stolen. :(


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    well first of all did u download the file and see if it has viruses?

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    I did download it and it did, although im all good i think coz my anti-virus caught it.

    But u would need to turn anti virus off to handle the file i guess, but i would only be willing to do that on my other comp, and when i have confirmation from someone like urself who may know what their talking about. :)

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    I've seen this tool before. But he might have messed with it and added or trojan or something else. If anyone really wants it I could post a clean version later.

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    So this is a legit program? that uses viruses to get ppls info? Your concern would be that he has tampered with it, correct?

    And that would be great if you could post, or pm me a clean version. :)

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    Do never download steam hacks from youtube, most of them is infected.

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    I think this is working stuff, its basically nothing but RAT with feature to get steampw:s .... (AKA trojan) ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by scottm View Post
    If it is possible and isnt gonna fuck me up, i wanna try and hack my old account back, coz it got stolen. :(
    And it's not like we'd believe that anyway. Even if it is the truth, you'd need to know WHO stole your account in the first place, and use it on them, which probably wouldn't work because most likely they aren't dumb enough to fall for something they've done themselves. And you said yourself your virus scanner caught it, so don't even bother trying to use it on anyone; it looks like it's just a generic keylogger and is probably detected by all scanners.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dax View Post
    And it's not like we'd believe that anyway.
    ye i was lying, its actually its my cousin, he bought like a 5 digit from someone, THAT account then got stolen and he DOES know who it is because when the account got stolen he went back to the guy he got it from and said hey i want my money back, the guy said no, he(my cousin) then said he would be taken to court.

    The other person shit himself being only a child as well, and gave my cousin back ?25 (he paid ?65 for the account), the guy did it through paypal and so my cousin got his email/address etc so actually i potentially could get it back, pressuming this program is like a keylogger/trojan.

    Anyway, so could i get a definative answer... would this work? it does have a backdoor.generic or something btw so i think it would. (hoping the person's AV wont spot it... which it probably will, but worth a shot)

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    If your cousin didn't change the account info correctly, then it is his own fault. And it won't work. It's an old virus that's picked up by pretty much all scanners. The only way it would work is if the guy isn't running any kind of Firewall or AV software, which is unlikely. Not to mention you'd have to find some way of actually getting the file to him. And lets not forget, he could probably just recover the account again lol

    Lets put it this way, my virus scanner just detected it before it was even half way done downloading lol
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