Question about Immunity LIGHT [HL2]

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    Question about Immunity LIGHT [HL2]

    Yes i was wondering if i sould buy [HL2] Immunity LIGHT does it have a menu key so you can change things like in a normal hack... and + can i get a screenshot from x-ray with the hack on so i can see it is safe...


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    It doesn not have a ingame menu afaik, but the settings are adjustable in the settings.cfg.
    The hack has been tested also on X-Ray, it is 100% Screenshot proof, you don't have to worry about it.

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    Ok Thx man!

    Just one more thing :)

    Does it have a manuel?? :)

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    Everything is explained well and if you have questions feel free toask them ;)

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    Uhm one more thing when i buy for 1 month if there come some updates will i get them too ?

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    Yes you get them.

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    Its based on subscription system, as long as you have a valid subscription you always use the newest hack, even system wont let you run the old one and you will be forced to download the newest one.

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