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    hacking myspace

    if someone on here knows a easy way to hack ppls myspace pls share with me i uset to do it using msn but trying to find the anser to ppls secruity questions is hard so i dont want to send n00bs keyloggers or anything i want an easy way to hack someones myspace who isint on ur friends list i prob dont want to phish eaither so if anyone has some easy ways tell me pl0x

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    Did you try the [ code ] [ / code ] shiz?

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    ya.. I need a myspace hacked

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    if someone would hack a myspace for me and give me the username and password that would be pretty l33t dont expect anything for it if someone does it
    MySpace.com - www.myspace.com/223454836

    thats the fgt i want hacked but give me the info kthx to anyone who does >:C

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